idea for planes

Bombs on board all planes. Dynamite, plastique—I don’t know the “kind” of bomb per se, but it should be powerful enough to kill everyone on board. Bomb people could figure out how to do it best. In any case, it should go without saying the goal is for no bombs to ever explode and everyone to fly safely. It would all depend on how many terrorists are on board.

Let me explain. The plane will land, sometimes behind schedule, sometimes very behind schedule, and the pilot will say that we should all kindly allow those with a tight connection to deplane first. Now, what you see currently is that no one obeys this order and sometimes it even seems as if a conspiracy of slowness is afoot against the time-pressed traveler.

On updated planes all passengers will be blown up to death when this happens. I estimate we would lose no more than two flights worldwide before a more orderly airline experience emerged. This is not a lot of casualties when you consider other things you are no doubt completely cool with existing like cars and sugar, the twin hitlers I call them. Of course the kill switch could never be triggered at all — each flight’s passengers will have an opportunity to decide their priorities for the day.

The altruistic part of human nature needs to be fostered and encouraged through incentive and reward. I refuse to believe we are animals with no respect for life.

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