Cartoonists: Pitch The Nib

The Nib is back. We’ve teamed up with First Look Media who built us an all-new website and newsletter, both designed for mobile. I’ve pulled the editorial team back together, with Eleri Harris and Matt Lubchansky working with me toward a summer relaunch.

We’re looking to publish the absolute best journalism, political satire and non-fiction comics, ones that grapple with the big issues of the day and the ones that haven’t been given enough attention — subjects that could benefit from coverage in comics form and touch on politics and culture in interesting ways.

Here’s what we’re looking for in form, length and content for non-fiction.

While we will consider first publication rights on work already in progress or finished, we’re looking for pitches where we have a role in guiding it from concept to a completed comic. Pitches for this type of work should be a pargraph or two explaining your idea and what you’d like to accomplish. Give us a sense of what you know about the topic and, if you will be reporting and interviewing, who you plan to speak to for the piece.

All work will be designed to be read across multiple devices, different platforms and inboxes. Comics that can’t be read on phones are now for a minority of readers.

We will also be publishing shorter comics every damn day. What we’re looking for in order of importance:

  • Political cartoons. Dead-on, funny, scathing stuff.
  • Topical work that gleefully skewers our weird, grim garbage world.
  • GIFs. Yes, We love GIFs that relate to the two categories above and would very much like to make more of them.
  • Humor, in general, because not everything has to be serious or political. Like, it can be about the McRib or something.

While the short work is almost always a self-contained one-off, we could be convinced to pick up a feature with a storyline if it seemed like the right fit.

Email pitches and links to samples of your work to:

Art by Gemma Correll, Rich Stevens and Matt Lubchansky.

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