The Nib is Hiring

image: Jim Rugg

The Nib has been around for almost a year now, publishing more than 20 comics a week, and we are continuing to grow. We’re looking for someone to join me and associate editor Eleri Harris as an editorial assistant to help run a comics vertical on a start-up publishing platform with big ambitions.

This is a part time position for 15–20 hours a week. So a few hours a day. We work remotely so it doesn’t matter where you’re based.

What you’d be doing:

  • Commissioning original comics, scouring for reprints, copyediting and writing headlines.
  • Helping to run The Nib’s social media accounts.
  • Managing the publication schedule.
  • Laying out posts so they look purdy on Medium, like so.
  • Working on a secret project.

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone with experience as an editor or cartoonist. Perhaps both! Definitely the ability to hit deadlines.
  • Someone familiar with political cartoons, webcomics, and non-fiction comics — all manner of comics, really. You love comics.
  • Someone who can confidently craft a headline and a Good Tweet — and understands why doing so is important.
  • Basic familiarity with Photoshop and image editing.

Shoot us an email with your credentials to and introduce yourself.

Update: Wow, that’s a lot of applications! I’m going to close the window now in order to make this process manageable. For those of you who applied I’ll be reviewing everything shortly and getting in touch with people.
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