An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

In the margins of this are choices you made to live alone, go into debt and put yourself in a position where you’re on a low rung of one of the highest paying minimum wage job cities in the country, but could not cover your debt. Just saying “we don’t make enough!” or “I deserve more!” does not mean much without looking a what your spending, your actual bills and costs associated with your lifestyle. Decrying having to work A WHOLE YEAR at an entry level position before you can get promoted is laughable to just about anyone a bit older than you, or who was desperate for work during The Great Recession. It reeks of “Millennial Entitlement” and you should really worry about being a poster child for that movement.

Glad this is getting you some buzz, but your case is not unique, a call for charity or a rallying cry for the masses. It’s a call for millennials to get a more technical degree (Digital Media, Systems Management, Programming) instead of “English”, which any guidance councilor worth their salt should have told you meant you needed to go to grad school, join the military or be prepared to live like a starving artist for the next 5 years after school if that was your terminal education point. Its a call to be more realistic with budgets and standards of living. Its a call to take responsibility and measures to correct your situation before blogging to the world about how unfair it is — or even discussing it AT the big, bad workplace via the proper channels.

You’ll have a hard time getting sympathy from people that worked 60–80 hour a week jobs and could barely make ends meet while paying student loans and sharing basement apartments when we hear you are being fed at work and have all the perks of a Bay Area start up lumped in with your $20 copay insurance and state mandated public transportation assistance options. Hopefully this and other responses serve as a way to check your privilege and make better choices and correct the bad ones you’ve made and not bemoan why the big-bad company that gave you a $12+/hr job in the first place is the villain.

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