The Journey to Better Marketing (Part 2) — Strategy & Price

Strategy & Price

This part of the series is about understanding strategy, offer positioning, and how pricing will affect both of those things.

Strategy, Goals, and Tactics

Seth says “Tactics are a list of things you do. Strategy is work the tactics seek to support. The goal is what you think will happen if your strategy works.”. It is important to understand the differences of each of these pieces to ensure that your marketing plan will be robust and able to handle the changes that will come once you get started.

Dominion vs Affiliation

A key decision on positioning in the market is the idea of Dominion vs Affiliation. Dominion is the position that you are the market leader, the best in the industry. Affiliation is the position that you are a member of a community or team of people who all think a similar way and share similar goals. When choosing how you will position yourself, it will be dependent on how your ideal clients think. Do they see themselves as leaders — the best in their field? Or do they see themselves as team players, who just want to be associated with others?

B2B Marketing

When engaging in business-to-business (B2B) sales there will be one question that the buyer has to answer: “What will I tell my boss?”. When the buyer of your service is not the final decision maker, then the person you are selling to must also be able to sell your idea to their boss. They need to fully believe that the reasoning they give for choosing your service will be satisfactory to their higher-ups, and make them look good.

Pricing & Free

Seth says “Marketing changes your pricing, and pricing changes your marketing.”. Price is a signal that lets clients know where you stand in regards to the value you offer. A cheap price is another way to tell people you are scared — you’re scared that you don’t add any value so you have to compete on being the lowest price in town.

Combining Two Offers

Seth says it’s possible to combine free with an actual offer of service, if you do it right. The goal is to create free ideas that spread and pair them with an expensive expression of those free ideas which are worth paying for in the eyes of the consumer.



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Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Principal & Creative Director of Co-Founder of Houseable. I help businesses create and grow their Brand with Technology, Marketing, and Design