The Journey to Better Marketing (Part 3) — Creating Experience

Creating Experience

This section is about understanding the differences between brand marketing and direct marketing, and how to use them to create experiences for your clients.

Brand Marketing

Seth describes the difference between brand marketing and direct marketing as such: Brand marketing is culturally oriented and its impact cannot be measured, while Direct Marketing is action oriented and its impact can be measured.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is focused on grabbing attention, presenting an offer, and driving a person to take immediate action. It is often referred to as interruption marketing, as you are interrupting the person while they are doing something, attempting to get them to do something else.

Simple Guide to Brand Marketing

Seth says that Brand Marketing is your location, how you answer the phone, the behavior of your sales team, etc.. It’s everything that affects the experience people will have while interacting with any part of your brand.

Simple Guide to Online Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is much more simple due to the fact that you can tell when it’s working or not, relatively quickly. The issue is, getting a direct marketing campaign to work really well can take quite some time and effort.

  1. A person sees an ad
  2. A person clicks on the ad
  3. A sale is made to the person
  4. The person then makes more sales in the future, or grows the brand via word of mouth
  1. A person sees an ad
  2. A person clicks on the ad
  3. You earn permission to engage with the person
  4. You educate the person about something over time
  5. A sale is made to the person


Seth says “Ads are good because once you find one that works, you can scale it — but they’re bad because it’s hard to find one that works.” The process of learning how to create an effective ad, place it in front of the right people, and get them to click on it and complete the desired action requires a multitude of skill sets as well as time and money to test your ideas.



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