Donald Trump Is Making White Supremacy Great Again
Shannon Bearman

A well-written article that unfortunately displays a single view, all the while not pointing out any specifics about President Trump being an actual white supremacist. This has been common rhetoric now, slang and slander without defining proof, only opinions and disagreements, and, unfortunately true, evidence that the POTUS says and does a lot of things that aren’t on the par with civil and decent people.


It’s unfair to brand him a white supremacist, just like it’s unfair to promote the idea that white supremacy is surging in this country when the actual numbers are so irrelevant (on a nation-wide scale) that hundreds of other events or groups have much farther reaching impacts. Without the media furthering the cause and pushing the idea of a tremendously enormous problem that is white supremacy, we’d probably have long since left it behind.

I am not a big supporter of Donald Trump, but I want to see things get better and I believe he has some ideas that may help. That said, as long as civil discourse and a legit effort to make things right is put into place, and not merely mud-slinging, broad sweeping statements of this or that, then I think we’re going to get there.

Thanks for the article. Expand the possibility that perhaps you’re only spouting more ideas of what things kind of are instead of reporting on what things truly are or should be. Op-ed is great, but it’s best when it’s labeled as such, and not fact.

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