Do We Need to Sue Facebook?
Hank Green

Hank. I’m not a layer, but I think what you’re looking for is a class action lawsuit. Here’s a modern way you can get it done.

Step 1 (Backbone): Create Kickstarter with the sole purpose of funding the lawsuit. The amount of people who would support this is huge (including myself and I don’t even have video content).

Step 2 (Call to Action): Use your Youtube blog to A) promote the campaign, B) find people who are willing to share their cases for the class action suit, and C) ask for help from your layer friends. They are out there, and willing.

Step 3 (Find Leader): You don’t have the time to run this lawsuit. You’ll probably need to find a law firm or individual who is willing to dedicate time to this issue, which includes initiating the class action lawsuit. Here’s where the money from the Kickstarter campaign could help.

Step 4 (Promote): Laysuits can be secretive, but bad press is not. The DFTBA community alone could probably make more damage than any layer could via word of mouth. Although Facebook should be sued regardless of them fixing the issue, if everyone is talking about it, chances are they’ll fix it faster. That’s the beauty of my favorite heuristic, skin in the game.

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