A year for expectancy

Prophetic declarations and insight for 2017

I can’t get away from the idea that we need to anticipate God to do big things in us this year. His promises are always yes and amen over our lives. The past 2 weeks everywhere I go whether it is school, revival group, home group or any Sunday service the theme seems to be to be expectant to see the promises over your life fulfilled. I feel electricity in the air when I meditate on what 2017 is going to look like and it reminds me of Christmas. During the holiday season, there is a lot of buildup to Christmas Day. We sing carols, make holiday treats, throw big parties to get into the spirit of the season. Just like Christmas, we need to prepare our hearts to receive all the gifts and surprises that God has for us this year.

A day before new years, I was seeking the Lord about what he was releasing to us for the upcoming year. The word I heard was RESTORATION. Long term circumstances that the enemy meant for evil are going to turn around for the greater good. God’s power is going to intervene and restore that which was stolen or lost I am reminded of when the Israelites crossed from the Jordan into the Promised Land fortified by the Canaanites.

That’s how I feel, we are on the brink of reaching our Promised Land; so close to seeing our wildest dreams come true. I believe that we are going to see the walls of Jericho fall and begin possessing the land that God has given us. It is not going to happen by passively waiting but by actively pursuing the promise He has bestowed upon us.

We have entered a new season and with that new season is coming an upgrade to how we see things. If 2016 was a tough year for you it’s because God was shaping you and preparing you for the upgrade that He is about to release upon you. Clarity of vision is being released to see beyond our circumstances and we will begin seeing what He sees for our lives.
Recently, I had this encounter where I was standing in front of a door. Someone who I don’t know was with me and opened the door for me. When the door opened, I could see tons of small pieces of paper fall out of the door and I was covered with pieces of paper all around me. I looked at the pieces of paper and on them were the desires of people’s hearts of what they wanted to do in life In that moment, I knew that the Lord was waiting to partner with the desires of people’s hearts. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.” I felt like that there was a concern about what people were going to do with their future but there was no need to be because God was going to partner with what people wanted to do with their lives. He was giving people a greater depth of vision to see beyond their current state.
The enemy to expectancy is disappointment.

Allowing past failures to dictate our level of hope will cause us to be blind to His goodness. It’s hard to anticipate the best is yet to come when you are meditating on the past. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Hanging on to disappointment will suffocate your dreams and desires; suck the joy and life out of you. 
I believe that this is the year where things change for you. If you feel disappointed by the start of the year, I pray that God will fill you with His joy and cover you with His love. This is the year to be lavished with His goodness and His lovingkindness.

It’s time to be expectant for the best that has yet to come. Choose to align your heart with what He thinks about you. Be passionate and unwavering to the word of the Lord over your life.

-Joel Roberts, Guest Writer for Student Billboard

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