My Launch with Andre

Friends come and go, but creativity with friends leaves behind indelible memories of the triumph of saying, “I’m done. I finished this. Now everyone consume it.”

I’m on the cusp of launching a new small business with four other people and chose to take a moment to record some pre-launch insights. For posterity? Dunno. Actually, I’m waiting on others to submit final source materials before I can button up the most major of brand experiences — our website.

So here I sit, listening to Destroyer, and type. For some reason, my old friend who was not and is kinda again came to mind. I’m musing that this event is the culmination of collaboration and creativity, much as when I decided to make a movie about our friendship years ago. It ended up beign much more than that. And of that I am proud. Making PUSHCART was a crucible that refined my opinion of my own capabilities for a decade to come, and gave me access to a more subtle understand of my own inner workings.

Have 22 minutes? Come back to this article after watching.

I offered at the outset of the film, “Am I original? Am I just little pieces of everyone I know? I’m not certain, and it bothers me.” Without ruining the conclusion, let’s just say I figured out the best truth for that moment, and moved forward in life. I taught myself or learned so many skills that I had a much broader view of not only what is possible, but how to draw it all together and make it both different and special.

This was true for both business and art. And the funny thing was, I find myself appreciating those milestones again as I prepare to launch a new brand next week.

Gabe and I collaborated on the formation of this idea, and invite three other like-minded creative educators to join us, too. Meanwhile, I saw we had a launch opportunity/deadline looming and started pulling together the stories that eventually wove together to become this new experience. It was thrilling. It is thrilling — I am still in the midst of it.

And I know even before it’s happened that this is another milestone. And I am taking a moment to share an honest moment publicly. And even though Andre has nothing at all to do with this initiative, he has so much to do with a vital time in my life that pointed me in this unlikely direction.

And this launch, to be announced next Thursday, has also been another crucible that leaves in its wake vitality. I am so damn excited.

Being unrelentingly creative is the only option we all have left, I believe. Everything else may become automated or software.