Is App Store Optimization Important in App Success?

Nowadays business people are understanding the importance of mobile app development to increase their business. There are many types of mobile apps, and among those there are many companies which are in the competition. So it is difficult to get your application found in different application store. If you need your application to be discoverable for potential visitors, it’s vital to see how to do the promotion of your application. I would like to share with you the important techniques which contribute to get the importance to your app in the app store, by app store optimization (ASO).

What is ASO?

Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is for mobile apps.

ASO is the technique to get visibility to your app in an app store.

“App Store Optimization is the new SEO because the mobile app market is growing so fast — it’s literally the fastest growing market in history,” says the founder of upcoming app discovery service Ooomf Mikael Cho.

Importance of ASO-

The research by Forrester says that 63% apps are discovered through app store searches. In simple words, if you are not using ASO to get your app discoverable in the app store, you are missing the opportunity to get your app easily discovered.

There is a tight competition among app owners in each app store to achieve high ranking for their apps, but most of the app owners don’t show interest to invest in ASO. If you have an idea of iOS app development, Windows apps development or Android app development, you should also have a proper understanding app store optimization. Here is your hit, to use ASO as a secret weapon to get your app’s ranking and overall success.

Goals of ASO-

The main goal of the ASO is to get the ranking for your app in the app store. To get more traffic to your app, the ASO marketer has to do the following things:

• Get high ranking for specific important keywords.

• Get high ranking for an app in Google´s semantic search

• To create attractive and more appealing graphics for app to increase the possibilities of being downloaded.

Methods of ASO-

ASO is youthful and developing field than SEO. A few strategies for ASO are known, but the exact ranking methods are hidden yet. ASO marketers like Evaldo Rossi, organize their work by dividing ASO in two categories as keyword optimization and asset optimization.

Keyword optimization (KWO) — To get the traffic by driving the qualified users to your app, it is important to do keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is the process of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target which is helpful in ranking your app.

MobileDevHQ and Mobile Action are the app store optimization tools providers, who divide ASO in three parts such as — searching the right keywords, targeting those keywords to get high rank, and

to convert visitors to users.

Asset optimization (AO) — Graphics plays a very important role in attracting the visitors to get the app download. So the icon, preview video and screenshots of an app should be up to date and engaging.

One can measure the impact of these changes by changing one of them at a time, by keeping an eye on the number of downloads.


Remember ASO is not a one time work. The people should do ASO continuously with the good practices. It will help to sustain in the competition of another apps and get good traffic.