Why to prefer Mobile Apps rather than Mobile Websites?

There is absolutely no doubt that mobile phone is the most effectively growing digital innovation in the internet era. As million people have been switched to smartphones, the number of people who are preferring to download a mobile app and browsing the web on their mobile is rapidly increasing.

By observing this extraordinary growth, arises an obvious question- What is the best way to reach to customers- mobile app or mobile website.

However studies have shown that consumers strongly prefer mobile apps (85%) over mobile websites. The reason behind this is mobile apps are more convenient to use, to browse faster and easily.

The number of mobile users is more than that of desktop users. So the organizations have also realized the importance of effective use of mobile app to attract customers, which results in hiring Mobile apps development company.

There are several reasons that make mobile app winner in the race over mobile website. Few are here:

1. Mobile App to Provide Personalized Experience — Mobile apps allow the users to set their preferences at the start, with the help of this our app can serve better to the user based on their priorities. It will result in user’s satisfaction. Also apps can track user’s location which is helpful in providing geography-specific content.

2. Facility to send notifications — There is a huge need of email marketing in business or product promotion. But there is nothing to worry about that when you have mobile app as you can send offers in the form of notifications, which is easy way to update the users with new things that business offers from time to time.

For example, eCommerce apps require their customers to know about the latest offers always. Sending notifications is an easy way to keep the customers updated.

3. Mobile app allows users to make use of mobile device features — One can use mobile device features like camera, GPS, contact list, call log, etc for the effective use of the app, which helps to make user experience richer and more interactive.

Let us consider a banking app, where user is filling a form, where it requires a photograph to complete the form submission process. The app can allow the user to use camera in mobile to get done the work, which enrich the user’s experience.

Although mobile websites also can use some mobile device features like GPS, camera etc., but, still there are some restrictions in using such multimedia features of mobile device.

4. Capacity to work offline — It is the most important feature of mobile app that it can perform its tasks even offline. The banking app can provide tax calculation, instalment calculation etc, features even offline.

Websites can’t offer even a basic feature without the internet.

5. Users access mobile apps more often — According to studies, Mobile users access mobile apps more often than that of mobile websites, nearly 86% time is spent on mobile apps while only 14% on mobile websites.

Also the average time users spend on mobile app is increasing every year.

6. Mobile apps are faster than mobile website — An app can perform task faster than websites. The reason is app stores data on the device whereas websites use web-servers.

7. Brand existence — The icon of the app can always be in users’ sight as users spend lot of time on mobile device. Even though if users are not active users of the app, but they remember the icon, it can help in branding of an application as well as its services.

Which will be more beneficial — Mobile app v/s Mobile website?

As the usage of mobile app is increasing continuously, it can be a dynamic boost to your business if you launch a mobile app. Also it will allow you to have an interactive engagement with the users.

Are you planning to develop a Mobile app?

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