Off to Gaza!

No, not that Gaza.

Well folks, doesn’t look like I got that much better at keeping a timely blog. Few crucial updates as follows:

I discovered where I will be living and working for the next 2 years! I am placed in a small town ~15km (9 mi) from Chokwe, Gaza in southern Moçambique.

Inland Gaza is notoriously hot. It is the African desert through and through. The next week is supposed to be mid 90s, with a few days over 100F. According to Mozambicans, it starts to get hot in January and February. Oh joy.

In fact, I’m writing this post from my future site right now. My cohort is currently in “Phase 2" of our preservice training. This means we are all spending 2.5 weeks at our future site staying with a host family, meeting community members, and becoming acquainted with our schools. After, we return to Namaacha for our final few weeks of training.

I was also told that I will be teaching English, not Math as I originally thought. That being said, the subject(s) I will actually teach may change before school starts in January. Plus, my school is fortunate to have a computer lab so Computers could be a possibility as well.

I will be living in a quaint 2 bedroom house with a PCV, Andy, who has one year left of his service. I’ll be replacing another volunteer who is finished with his service; in fact, I am the 6th volunteer to be living and working in my village!

Amenity-wise, my house will have electricity, a gas stove, fridge, couch, kitchen table and chairs, and a coffee table. There’s no running water, but a torneira (water pump) and hose we can use to get as much as we need.

But most importantly, my new host family has not only kittens, but also puppies! (I have a picture but my internet isn’t fast enough to upload)

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