Today is the day!

Off to Mozambique — see ya just now, America.

Well folks, today (well technically tomorrow at 2:30AM, but shhh) me and my 64 fellow Peace Corps Trainees are off to Mozambique! We are all currently at a ritzy hotel in Philadelphia, but will be boarding a bus to arrive at JFK quite a few hours early for our 11AM flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.

For the past couple days, I have been in Philadelphia at Staging. We were officially introduced as Peace Corp Trainees and did 2 full days of cultural introductions as well as other informational sessions.

My new 65 person family

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new, unique, and motivated individuals! We are all in the Education sector and extremely thrilled to be High School English, Math, and Science Teachers. That being said, thank you to everyone that has sent me well wishes through Facebook, texts, calls, and everything in between. Your support means the absolute world and it makes leaving so much more bittersweet.

Now, some more logistics. We arrive in Joburg after a 15 hour flight at 8:50AM on 9/1 — we have another lengthy layover until our 1:50PM flight. Then were off to Maputo, Mozambique where we will be in a hotel for a couple days getting orientated to a brand new city, country, and continent. I have no clue when the next time I’ll be able to blog, but know that I will be safe until I can post again!

See you all in a bit.

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