Find your mojo.

A question I’ve asked myself and others over and over again.

“Where do you find inspiration?”

We’ve all experienced it. When that creative block sets in, you begin to feel restricted, almost trapped. Essentially, you loose your mojo.

Nobody likes to loose their mojo.

It’s not looking through Dribbble or Awwwards to find that perfect layout or colour that gets your mojo back. It all comes down your environment and the state of mind that you’re in.

Taking a break from my work in Southampton. I visited two places. The first stop, my home in Wales. A stereotypical picturesque welsh town just outside of Cardiff. I went there filled with excitement about my work and what the future held. I couldn’t wait to share this with friends and family.

After a couple of days, that feeling was being drained from me. But, why? Why should I feel drained and loose motivation? What’s the difference between being at home and being sat at my friends desk in Trondheim writing this, motivated and ready to get back to work, ready to create things?

My environment.

The difference.

I’ve spent the last week with two friends, visiting new places and meeting new people. My mind being presented with new situations, new things to do. Even the conversations I have had. Planning the upcoming year. All encouraging me think about what it is I’d like to do in 2016.

In Wales, the focus was the same old (sometimes boring) stuff. The same bedroom. The same pubs. The same conversations about how nice it is to leave. My mind, never tested.

In Norway, I am out of my comfort zone. The streets are colourful, even the air is different (and bloomin’ cold). Not speaking Norwegian was pretty useful for this as well. It made the conversations I had more involved and in some ways, more meaningful.

What I woke up to every day in Trondheim. A wonderful view. (The sun is setting here, it’s 11am)

All this felt like a release. My mind was clear, no longer feeling constricted and trapped. I found my mojo.

Getting it back. TL;DR.

To find that inspiration again, to get rid of that creative block. Do something different. Go somewhere new. Do that thing you are always putting off. Expose yourself to a new way of thinking. Free yourself.

Who needs swag when you have mojo? Have a wonderful week, you beautiful people.

As a UX designer at Etch and Welshman, the focus of Matt’s work lies in the conception, design and development of digital experiences, employing simple and elegant solutions to design problems. Back home in Wales, he’s considered the most highly regarded Macaroni Cheese connoisseur.

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