Pinterest and the visual web 🖼
Ryan Hoover

A short and sweet post.

I too think it’s a good move for Pinterest to be investing in tech that turns visuals into data.

The web has been and will continue to be a more visual place as it continues to more closely approximate real-life connections/experiences.

Photo-based content (status updates, ads, blog posts) have always performed better for me than text- and often video-based content. It’s no wonder that Pinterest became so popular so fast.

I also love that Pinterest users tend to have a stronger intent to purchase things in comparison to those hitting up FB, Snap, Insta, etc. That makes Pinterest very interesting for businesses looking to run successful paid advertising campaigns. I’ve heard from those who have run Pinterest ad campaigns that the ads performed well and are currently more affordable than FB and Google ads for comparable reach/engagement.

One thing that does make me leery of being 100% bullish on Pinterest, though, is that I don’t use Pinterest a lot myself. I think it’s because it’s less of a social platform and more of a bookmarking platform. As a result, I don’t have as much FOMO if I don’t check Pinterest than if I don’t check FB, for example.

Ryan have you heard of Google Goggles? This badass app has been around for six years. Talk about trailblazing tech. Yet few people seem to know about/use it. I hope that’s not a bad sign for Pinterest. Perhaps the market wasn’t ready for it. Or Google Goggles didn’t have a social layer to support it.

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