Adjust your attitude or die trying

Why do things have to be so hard? I feel it every day and without adjusting my attitude, it makes me crazy. Why can’t I lose more weight? Why can’t customers just come to me? Why is money always on my mind? I’m sure you deal with the same struggles. The question is “how do you deal with it?” Because in our new fast paced world, if we don’t deal with it can literally eat us from within.

I have made it very simple. I focus on the areas that make me the most frustrated and I simply train my brain to look at them differently. Here is a short list of how I have adjusted my thinking.

How you look at things is a choice. You can look at them with anger, stress or fear or you can look at them differently. Your choice. When I make the attitude adjustment, all of those feelings go away. In reality, none of them are real. It’s just how our mind has been recorded to look at them. The key is to rerecord your brain and require it to make new associations.

Try this simple process. Take the 4 activities that you dread most, and look at them in a new light. Remove the old thoughts you have towards them and replace them with new thoughts. Force yourself to do this process many, many times, and over time, and your brain will adjust. Remember, our brains are super computers, sometimes we have just recorded them with wrong info.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Manero is the Founder and President of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) located in Dallas, TX. CFF is celebrating its 21st year in business and provides financing for commercial fleet vehicles such as box trucks, cargo vans, big rigs, tow trucks, dump trucks and construction equipment. CFF is a 3-time winner of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Inc. Magazine Top 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Matt has helped dozens of employees and thousands of small business owners move closer to the money they deserve. He is the author of, “The Grit”, and his forthcoming book, “I NEED MORE MONEY” will be out in 2017. Learn more at or call 972.247.8447 phone or on all social media platforms via @Matt Manero.