Truck Driver Shortage — Why You Should Get on the Road

Today, the shortage of qualified long distance truck drivers fuels industry concern. Some sources estimate an anticipated driver shortage of trained commercial long distance drivers may reach the astonishing level of 175,000 by 2024, if present trends continue. Although these extreme predictions of driver shortage strike many as unrealistic, they do encapsulate the concerns surrounding this issue. The United States will require many additional qualified truck drivers in the near future. An Essential Profession Truck drivers play an important role in modern product distribution chains. Since the advent of the federal highway system, the United States economy has depended heavily upon the skills of drivers qualified to haul freight across miles of asphalt. Today, the sophisticated services of capable long distance trucking renders freight transportation even more significant than during previous generations. Today, nearly 70% of all of the goods in commerce within the United States cross the nation in trucks. Truckers carry nearly 9.2 billion dollars worth of goods annually. They use some 37 billion dollars worth of fuel every year. These statistics impact the economy in important ways. One significant factor in this national debate relates to the advancing age of truckers. Some sources report a shortfall of 40,000 truckers in the near future. As aging drivers retire, employers will need to retain well qualified replacements. A Trucking Career Over-the-road long distance truck drivers sometimes contend with challenging conditions. They must possess the skills to safely transport cargo across long distances. Fortunately, today many exciting new software products assist their efforts. Logistical software products enable many fleets to operate with reliable communications across thousands of miles. Despite pay increases recently approaching 20% in some cases, some long distance trucking positions continue to remain unfilled. The disadvantages of these positions include extended periods away from home..

However, new recruits in the long-distance trucking industry may wish to focus upon some of the advantages of a career in this field. According to transportation industry news, truck drivers who operate across long distances also enjoy some distinct advantages. These include:

  • Higher than average pay
  • The opportunity to see new sites
  • Considerable independence on the job
  • In-demand career positions

Conclusion Today, many people seeking long term job security appreciate the benefits offered through a long distance trucking career. Job opportunities abound in this field. If you have ever considered the benefits of working in the trucking industry, you may wish to explore a rewarding career in this field as a long distance truck driver!

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