“Better To Build My Business In English Or In My Native Language?”

Tim, who is from Belgium and is also a follower of my weekly show, Coach’s Corner, asked by email: “I’m from Belgium which is a small country, is it better to distribute in English or in Dutch?”

Here’s my answer to Tim:

I definitely get the dynamic, because I’m from Switzerland and we have four languages in Switzerland, but there are several options. One option is: you can pick your own battles.

You can be the best coach or best service provider if you’re going to focus on the Belgian-Dutch market. I know that in Belgium, there’s also a big chunk of people who speak French so you can decide to service the French market in Belgium.

It really depends on what your goals are. If you want to do English, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re doing work in Belgium with Belgian clients.

If you want to build an online brand, that’s different. In that case, I would recommend doing English and Dutch or just mixing both. It all really depends on your goals, strategies, destination and your objectives because it will justify and create the pathway.

If you want to sell in France, there’s no use in creating English stuff. If you speak French and Dutch, I would just crush it locally. I would become the number one player in the space you’re in.

If you want to have an international brand, do English. In my opinion, there’s no point in doing English in Belgium.

I can guarantee that if you start building your brand with videos or a live show or both, you’re going to crush it in Belgium because no one is really doing it. Even in France which is a bigger country, very few people are really crushing it.

Tim also asked: “I want to be a mental coach for sports because there are a lot of soccer players and bikers”.

Here’s my answer to Tim:

I used to play pro-tennis, so I definitely know that field of pro-sports, mindsets and sports psychology. In my opinion, if you have foreign athletes, English is a must. If you speak English, French and Dutch, do it all in three languages.

It’s not a case of one or the other, I would just do everything. I would do all languages but I would be very careful about the targeting.

You need to decide on who you want to service. If you want to train professional football teams at Belgium, you can do it in French, Dutch and English. Always remember that every market is competitive but you can really rise above the noise by publishing.

The player who has the most perceived authority in the market place wins. Let’s say you have 5 books and have a show for a year that has 50 episodes, but you’re competing with a guy who has one eBook on his website, you win. Game over. This is what you call “Preponderous of Proof” because the amount of proof is overwhelming in your favor.

If you’re the guy with one eBook and you’re going up against guys who already have books, shows and their presence is online, it’s going to be difficult. You always have to remember the “Preponderous of Proof”.

You always want to create the biggest possible proof in the market place. The best way to do it is to have a book, because in people’s minds, having a book means you’re the authority. The more you can manufacture and produce tangible things with your authority, the more you win.

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