Why and How to Out-compete Yourself

In this article, I will share with you an idea that has had a massive impact on my productivity and the output in my business and in my life. And even though it’s not magic, the results you can get by applying this technique are pretty close to it. It’s about keeping a “score sheet” with yourself.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I was born and raised in the “sports world”. Health has always been my biggest priority, and even with a busy schedule, I always find time to “move” and do some heavy training. If you follow me, you also know that at a very young age, I was trained by some of the BEST tennis and conditioning coaches in the world.

Life was pretty awesome growing up, and being able to play pro tennis was a dream come true until I injured myself. One of the keys that enabled me to become a national tennis champion and be ranked #1 in my country (Switzerland) and that I started doing very early on was to keep track of EVERYTHING I did.

Between the ages of 12–17 (until I got injured), keeping a written score sheet of my training was a MUST (i.e., hours practiced, how many sprints I did, how many buckets of serves I hit, etc.). I always strived to become a “better version of myself”, and documenting my performance allowed me to visualize the effort that I put in every day.

After working my a** off, I finally got my first taste of success at age 14 when I became number 1 in my country (Switzerland) and climbed to the top 15 in the European tennis rankings, competing with guys born between 1985 and 1987 like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka and many others you see on TV nowadays. I was trained as a pro athlete, but what I didn’t know was that I was actually preparing myself for the “business world”.

Building blocks

I took the exact concept of keeping track of progress and writing things down when I launched my first company at the age of 17. Until this very day, I always keep track of the performance of my business: the amount of sales we make, the hours I put in, the articles we publish on social media, the books I read, the speeches I give, the podcasts I record, the pictures I publish from my phone, and even the tweets I put out in public.

Depending on the business model that you’re working on — there are many things to consider when growing a company the “right way”: hiring good employees, coming up with a good product, molding a good sales pitch etc.

Trust me, the list goes on…

Coming from a highly trained athletic background, outworking the competitions was never a problem. The truth is: the hardest working company or person in the market generally WINS. And from my experience, the more you work, the more you’re setting yourself for success and keeping a score sheet makes everything ten times easier.

Nowadays, my schedule is hectic with running my marketing and sales agency, releasing a daily podcast and 3 weekly web TV shows on top of hustling my head off in internal operations within the agency. It’s is A LOT of work. Writing a blog article and having my podcasts and shows transcribed are just some of the steps in the building process.

So what keeps us motivated? What keeps us going even with this amount of work?

The awesome thing about score sheets is having the privilege “to look back and reflect”. It does two things: it motivates you to move forward, and it allows you to be grateful for everything you have accomplished so far.

The “Secret Formula” for Success

I hate to tell you this but being successful has NO “secret formula”.

Many people nowadays who have the “chops” are often one step away from a big break. However, most of them are not willing to put in the work.

After reading this article, I encourage you to build a habit of writing down EVERYTHING you do each day. When the day ends, I want you to reflect by asking yourself these questions: (1) What are the things that happened today that I can be grateful for (2) What can I do to improve myself tomorrow?

When you start doing this and keeping a score sheet with your actions and accomplishments, you’ll notice a gradual difference in your life. The goals you once thought that were unreachable will start materializing faster.

Remember, you are your greatest opponent. Beat yourself every day, and success will be waiting for you on the corner.

What are your thoughts? Do you keep track of what you do? I’d love to hear from you :)