Matt, I would suggest you see the thread on the Facebook WKU football alumni page regarding your…
Daniel Watterson

Daniel, I looked on the FB page and didn’t see anything about this article. Last thing I can see is from Dean Tiebout posting on 7/28. Happy to answer any questions. Maybe putting it the way I did wasn’t the best way to say it. But ultimately, Roberts finished with a losing record as a coach at WKU, and four years after he left, the program nearly disbanded. Frankly, that’s what I was looking at. It’s obvious I offended Dean, and he’s saying I offended others from the Roberts era. I certainly didn’t set out to offend people, but I called it as I saw it. I don’t view the period of time as incredibly successful. Yes, we were nationally ranked in those two years, but really my point about that era was the football team was very average overall. Hyperbole didn’t do me any favors.