there is no correct way to write.

field notes. montblanc. a pen you found on the street. evernote. the new shiny writing app. napkins. write drunk and edit sober. write at a scheduled time with a set purpose like stephen king. just write. write while listening to music. write while shrouded in silence. just write. a blitzkrieg of words on a page. edit as you go. edit when you are finished. just write. write when the muse inside of you is screaming for release. bleed onto the page. bare your soul for all to see. write when you first wake. write in the stillness of midnight.

but know this: you write for yourself first. so don’t write shitty clickbait. don’t write for seo. don’t write one damn word you wouldn’t be proud of. your muse will call you out on your bullshit. there is no correct way to write. don’t listen to anyone who says there is. we all have our own muse. as long as you are honest to that muse and voice, people will read your story. but if you are fake, people will mock you. don’t pitch. don’t sell. just write. you are the protagonist. doubt is your antagonist. be raw. elicit emotion. move.

share when the muse is silent. share when you have defeated the bullshit detector. on a blog. on medium. on scraps of paper stapled together. in a book using the typeface and design you chose.

we often get caught up in the buzzwords. storytelling. content. relationships. shut up. just do. just create. strive to fill the trash can with lousy ideas. the audience any writer or designer or filmmaker must satisfy first is herself. that is why most blog posts, articles, and videos are crap. because we aren’t satisfying the carnal need to tell a story. we are too worried about the ends and means. we all need a muse to call us out on the bullshit.