You might not need that $15K coding bootcamp
Per Harald Borgen

I’ve met Dan a couple of times and been to a few FAC meetups and presentations and also got my employer to pay for a paid API course they did for £60 one Saturday (which was well put together and useful). I applied sometime ago for a place and didn’t get in. I’d love to do it. Great ethos, I could certainly see the use in learning a MEAN stack and everyone there seemed really nice and helpful. However, now that I have a mortgage to pay, I can’t justify taking the 3 months or so off work. I’ll have to keep plodding on online with,,,,, etc, etc and revisit FAC when I have some more time and a few quid saved up.

I also went to a couple of Le Wagon meetups in London. Again, nice chaps, but, unlike FAC, they were asking for £6k to become a full stack Rails developer and when I looked at their curriculum, I felt I’d paying for stuff I had already learned myself online, so I’d have only benefitted from the more intermediate or advanced later stages of their course. Still, I’ve not done the course, so can only give that perspective and, to be fair, to their founder, when I told him what I’d learned, he told me I probably shouldn’t apply.

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