Spurs at Wembley. It’s not complicated

Completely agree. Personally as long as we at least draw tonight I’ll be happy. Despite the Thursday/Sunday matches being a pain in the arse (for me personally) I have no problem with being in the Europa League, in fact I look forward to it. I believe it’s a competition we can win. My issue with the Europa League has always been with the pointless league format at the start with often involved teams of a much lesser quality than us and ultimately involved too many ‘dead rubber’ matches. Once we get to the knock out stages of the round of 32 and beyond I think the competition is a good one. As far as Wembley is concerned then this ‘hoodoo’ nonsense is just that, nonsense. I must admit I do hope to go back to White Hart Lane if we do get into the Europa League but again it’s for personal reasons. Firstly The Lane is our real home and secondly it’s easier for me to get to and get away from. But my main reason is not wanting the defeat to Dortmund last season to be the last European match ever played at White Hart Lane. I would dearly love for the team to sign off European football at the grand old lady with a draw at the very least (although a thumping win in the semi final would be preferable ). In regards to cup matches and Poch is does appear that Poch follows a route many foreign managers follow in that the cups are not important. Most Continental European teams do not consider the cups (well, domestic ones anyway) as nearly as important as the league although I may be generalising. Another good article Martin.

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