Congrats to all innovation award winners at SXSW 2016

Elegant design and easy to install

But particularly to Chris Chuter of Peeple. I’m so thrilled to have backed this amazing company. Way to go Chris! Peeple is going to own the front door of our houses!

We invested in Peeple because we’re interested in things that are on the boundaries. The door is the boundary between our homes and the outside and all of the interesting things happen at boundaries. A plane flies because of boundary layer fluid mechanics. Boundary layers are where chaos and turbulence happen. More information is captured in boundaries than anywhere else because the data applies to both sides. This is the technical reason we invested in Peeple. Nonetheless, Chris and his team are the right people to execute.

If you’d like to order you one (or three), you may do so at their website:

Once again, congrats!