Series: Remote. Part 3

My greatest life adventure started on February 21st this year. Poppy.

If I could, I would spend every waking second with this tiny monkey; however the realities of life mean it’s not quite that simple, therefore I endeavour to enjoy each moment to the fullest.

When we @Serchen discussed remote working at the trial stage initially, one of the benefits that stood out to me was it’s impact on parenting. pre-remote, I thought the flexible hours and being at home would lead to more time with the tiddler and a better work life balance. Now a few months in, here’s what I’ve found;

  • Poppy’s confused. In her first months on this planet, Daddy would be up with her in the morning and then would disappear out the door, only to arrive back hours later to play. Now Daddy still there in the morning, but is sometimes there in the day, sometimes not, sometimes working late etc.. you get the point.
  • You can’t work and parent alone. A big statement to make, and of course many people will say “well I do this” & “I do that”, but for me, realistically trying to write emails and be active with the rest of my team whilst alone with a now 9 month old, is pretty difficult.
  • Childcare. Similar to above, whilst remote does include flexible hours, there is still a requirement for regular availability during the normal working hours. As I found a few weeks back when my team were desperately trying to get hold of me, but couldn’t because I was bathing tiny, you do need to create separation.
  • Age makes a difference. One remote’r at Serchen has two kids who are at starting-school age. They are able to self-entertain and can be trusted out-of-sight. My colleague has been remote at home since the start, and has little problem working and parenting.

In summary, I think it is possible to be a great parent and a remote worker, but it’s important to still set routines and manage your day to keep everyone on track.

My resolution has been to working reasonably normal hours, but sat in my favourite public house on our quayside 2 minutes from home. I also try and have cut off times, keeping work and life balanced.

I’d love to hear your experiences and comments!


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