How to setup a basic LAMP server via Ubuntu 16.04 using Namecheap and Linode

Hi today I am going to walkthrough on how to setup a dead simple website when you buy your domain through Namecheap and Linode.

First buy your domain at Namecheap (if you cant even figure this out you shouldn’t have a website in the first place)

Now after you buy your domain you should see a screen like this if you are under the dashboard tab. Click “Manage” on your domain and you will be brought to a screen like this:

Under “nameservers” click “custom DNS” and we are using Linode so we are going to input n1– like shown in the image to the left.

Then once you have done that go ahead and buy a $5/mo plan from Linode. You should see a screen like this:

When you do click “dashboard” then click “deploy an image”. Select “Ubuntu 16.04 LTS” under the dropdown selection for image. Put the max deployment size and enter a secure root password.

After that head over to the tab “Remote Access” and write down what it says for “SSH Access” you’ll need that later.

Make sure under “DNS Manager” it looks something similar to this:

If so lets move onto the next step. Go to terminal and type ssh root@[your-ip]

Then follow these steps in order

If you did everything right you should see a website! If you try your domain name and it doesn’t work you might have to wait a while because DNS takes up to 24hrs to associate your IP with your domain name.

Try the IP that you used to ssh into your server earlier instead.

You can now throw static files into /var/www/html, which I recommend downloading a FTP application like FileZilla and uploading your files from your local computer

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