The Mastermind Behind Phillies Social Media

Tim Stoeckel is most likely not a name you know about if you are a Philadelphia Phillies fan. However, Tim plays a bigger role than you might think. Philadelphia sports fans are hard to please. Tim works behind the scenes to keep Philadelphia Sports fans engaged through twitter and other platforms. One of the important things he said about running the account is that you have to understand that posting content has a lot of influence on people through timing. Tim says he wakes up in the morning and has a list of tweets to have drafted to be posted automatically at strategic times throughout the day. A lot of what goes on the account is predetermined. The other portion is live coverage of games or events. Other tweets could be fan engagement or other cool media. It took Tim a little over a year to get the kind of freedom he wanted on twitter from his bosses. Once he got it he hasn’t looked back. The sense of humor he brings to the account has brought about some interesting ways to engage. From chirping with other teams and players, to putting fans in their place on team personal opinions, Tim has a versatile repertoire up his digital sleeve.

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