Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

I find it interesting that you quote the 1992 Kinnock rally. There’s a lot of debate about what went wrong there, but it was pretty clear to those of us who were watching.“Ladies and gentlemen, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Neil Kinnock” the speakers boomed to roaring crowds. That was the one clip that was shown repeatedly in the media. My parents were terrified. “We are definitely voting,” they said. All their mates turned out en masse to do the same. Why? Because the media had stuck in the knife to Kinnock for months beforehand. The reporting was beautifully set up to scare the shit out of the general populace that there might be a principled, leftist leader at number 10. The establishment nobbled him. It was the Sun what won it. Now you’re doing it, too.

Look at yourself. You help start a movement, motivate people and then say “Oh, that was a mistake.” There’s been a lot of that in politics, lately. Nice one. So, Owen, when do we get the left alternative you promised us, rather than another faceless corporate lackey? Or was it all bullshit, after all?

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