Three new discoveries in a month rock our African origins
John Hawks

Past time to dig a grave for the Mayr/Gould/Eldredge/Tattersall hardline school of speciation only by small reproductive isolates and species as discrete, discontinuous (from populations), pristine (no hybridization!) individuals. While the story is more complex than Templeton’s trellis, it looks even less like Tattersall’s tree.

Put it next to the fresh one for the model of pre-linguistic, non-synthetic intelligence, resource under-exploiting archaics and pre-Upper Paleolithic modern humans (of Mithen, Klein, Binford et al. BTW so much for the modern vs archaic divide — ‘moderns’ are just a mix of archaics!).

And let the racist trash theories of Lahn, Harpending, Cochran, G. Clark et al. rot in a compost heap; don’t bother to bury it.