It’s Not Fair

A phrase every parent will probably hear at some point. The reason may be different: you didn’t let them eat sweets before dinner; you only let them have 2 hours on the computer; they have to brush their teeth. Their perception of fairness is somewhat different to mine so I try not to be too harsh, but how do you bring them up to have a better understanding of fairness without being too negative.

Guess what kids, life is completely and utterly unfair, but you are most definitely on the more favourable side of fairness. You were born in a rich country, have two parents who are together and would do anything for you, you go to school, are clothed, fed and have a lot of privileges in life. My 10 year old has a phone, yes it was my wife’s old phone but the fact remains that he can now contact his friends any time of the day, wherever they are. You don’t live in fear every day of war or disease or famine. You don’t have to worry whether that plane flying overhead is actually carrying bombs instead of holidaymakers. My daughter doesn’t have to worry about whether she’s going to be prevented from going to school by religious zealots.

No, that’s probably not the right approach. I guess sometimes as parents we just have to say no, explain our reasons why and then leave it there. Protecting their innocence is probably more important to me right now.

Image by Madi Robson via Unsplash


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Originally published at on November 10, 2016.