Improving Your Fraternity’s Next Conference

The benefits of using an event app

Event apps are a dynamic tool that have two main functions: 1) sharing information; and 2) serving as a networking tool for your brothers to use. With the event app, brothers can now conveniently access schedules, speaker bios, interactive floor plans, and can even create personalized profiles that will improve their networking efforts at the event; which is more than any traditional brochure or pamphlet can do.

With that said, let’s dig a little deeper into how an event app can help improve your next event.

The Mobile Advantage

Having all of your event information digitalized and in an easily accessible location is extremely important. It allows for you to ensure that your brothers will have information when they need it, and so they can also be kept up to date with any last minute changes before, during, and even after the event is over.

For example, keeping a schedule of the event on the app makes it very for attendees to stay up to date on the details of the event. They can also favorite specific items on the schedule, which will help them stay organized by making their own personalized schedules.

Furthermore, brothers will have all the information they need on people such as your exhibitors and speakers in the palm of their hands.

Brothers will also be able to have an interactive floor plan that will help them optimize their experience. They’ll be able to easily navigate the event, and will know where all the important events are happening. The floor plan can even be used to see where groups such as exhibitors might be located during the event.

Data and Feedback

With the app, data has also become extremely easy to get. You can track how well your app was received by your brothers through the amount of downloads and interactions it received.

You can see how popular certain parts of your events were (e.g. which speaker was viewed the most times on the app, which event on the schedule was the most popular, or even which exhibitor had the most traffic).

You can even have a survey on the app that will make it easier for brothers to give you the valuable feedback you need to help improve your events in the future.

Improved Networking

Event apps also improve another big part of why brothers go to conferences: building connections. Event apps cater to this by allowing your brothers to create profiles within the app where they’ll put in any relevant information you’d like them to (contact information, chapter, profile pictures). Coupled with the use of a built-in attendee list, brothers will now be able to easily find each other and stay in contact (retroactively, they’ll also be able to reach out to each other well before the conferences as well).


Furthermore, you can password protect your app in order to keep sensitive information contained within your fraternity. We understand that you want to maintain a level of secrecy within your fraternity. Your bylaws, rituals, and sensitive information shouldn’t be something that any should have access to. Therefore, we make sure to add a level of security with our apps that can keep your information safe.

Strengthening Your Fraternity’s Brand

It’s important to remember that your brand as a fraternity is represented with the app. Your brothers will associate their experience with the app back to the fraternity. With a designer event app, you’re able to strengthen your brand as a forward thinking, innovative fraternity by leaving a positive, lasting impression with your brothers.

In the current age of mobile apps, having an app that’s functional just isn’t good enough anymore. Apps that not only feel intuitive but are also visually appealing are part of our daily lives now (e.g., Twitter and Instagram). This means that your brothers will be used to seeing apps that are aesthetic and easy to use. If the app you provide them doesn’t meet the standard that they’re used to, they’ll stray away from using it and will leave a negative impression upon them. A designer event app accounts for that by providing functionality in a way that allows for brothers to not only instantly feel comfortable using it, but also feel that it’s a premium product through appealing design.

With a designer event app, you can rest assured that the pain of a clunky, inefficient app is removed, and you can feel confident showing the app to your brothers and colleagues.


Having a designer event app allows for brothers to have an intuitive tool that improves the entire event experience. They’ll be able to have an interactive and reliable tool that will help them to make the most of their event experience, and event organizers will also have valuable insights about their event through the data they receive.

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