Get the Most Out of YouTube

If you’re using YouTube to promote yourself, your brand, or your business, this article by Aleh Barysevich, via Social Media Examiner, provides some simple (but often overlooked) ways to create more value and ensure that you get results with your YouTube videos. Having a plan and using all the available tools the platform provides is necessary for success, continuity, and growth.

The key takeaways from the article are to;

- Monitor Your Target Audience to Reveal Commonly Shared Questions Your Videos Can Answer (do some research on what your audience wants to know, use keyword tracking or research on Quora)

- Develop a Signiture Production Style So Viewers Know What to Expect (continuity of style/format and quality are important)

- Deliver a Strong Call to Share Via Cards and End Screens (YouTube killed annotations in May 2017 because they don’t play nice with mobile… cards and end screens are the new way to add CTAs to your videos)

- Use Creator Studio to Optimize Your Channel and Videos for Increased Discoverability (create a Partner Verified Account, do keyword research and optimize your title, upload a transcript)

- Promote Your Channel and Videos on the Platforms Your Audience Frequents (use Google Analytics to find out which social platforms your audience uses, do split tests, write a blog that compliments your video content)

This article made it clear to me that all social media requires careful planning and strategy. I was an early adopter of YouTube, and I’ve created some videos that got a good amount of views… but never looked at it from a business standpoint and did the requisite careful planning, research, and optimization. I’m sure that many businesses and individuals fail to realize that there are many more nuanced details to being successful with YouTube than are apparent as a viewer or even as a casual user/content creator. This article goes to show why a social media professional can help any small business or personal brand become more successful by ensuring that social media is approached with tactics and strategies backed by research and thorough knowledge.