The one where I start Swimming

Competitive swimming. Some say you are born to compete, others say you learn to become competitive, for me winning is what we are born to do. If you don’t set high goals and want to win … What’s the point? I was and still am competitive. I love the atmosphere and feeling of being part of a winning team.

So for you who dont know I was a swimmer ‘back in the day’ for Chatteris Kingfishers. After my leg injury I gave up to persue a career in Architecture however now I am happy with my progress I have the urge to get back in and train.

Stamina, resilience and hard work … These are things I have lacked since quitting. Dont get me wrong its been amazing doing absolutely nothing for three years but now is the time to get mentally prepared for the future … My heart has been in the pool from the moment I was born.

Being up at the pool again, getting high on the smell of chlorine and watching my old pals doing the sport I love was the moment I said I need go get back to this. Andrew Jakeman (the coach) had done an awesome job at CKSC and in all honesty I want to be apart of that philosophy.

For the locals that follow and read this blog go and check of Kingfishers. A friendly competitive club who would love to see you in the pool

Have a great evening


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