I particularly enjoyed hearing The Damned song “Neat, Neat, Neat” but also loved the John Spencer…
Josh H

I see your point on Taratino envy, but I’d almost consider that to be a strength moreso than a weakness. Tarantino is a genuis, and I’ll take anything that emulates his style. But I see how that could be considered conversely.

As far as the exposition goes, I personally look for less of that in an action movie, and (although I went in blind) once I knew this was an action flick through and through, that became less important to me. If this was attempting to become any type of great story other than a display of music and sound blended with action, I’d care more about the exposition of Baby’s relationship with Deborah.

I agree it had a better soundtrack than GotG, but there is nothing wrong with a Boogie Nights style soundtrack. That’ll make your bones wiggle with joy.

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