Hillary Clinton Won Iowa.

End of Story.

There’s been even more bluster than usual from the Sanders campaign, this time in an effort to disqualify Hillary Clinton’s historic victory in Monday night’s Iowa caucus.

Disparaging good news for Hillary Clinton has become a pattern for the Sanders camp. If you support someone else? You’re dismissed as part of the “establishment,” unless of course they want to claim your support in ads anyways. If a process doesn’t go their way? It’s invalid or flawed or they blame the Iowans who ran it.

In Iowa, the Sanders camp started floating conspiracy theories leading up to the caucus. First, it was one week ago when they posited that Microsoft might steal the caucus from them. Now that the caucus is over, they are calling into question the results that were reported by Iowans.

Our last rally in Iowa

Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucus with incredibly high turnout — a level of turnout the Sanders camp claimed would earn them a win. It was a close contest and a hard fought campaign. But Hillary won. And once it became apparent that they had lost, the Bernie Sanders campaign began to peddle claims that have been disproven in an effort to poison an otherwise historic night for Hillary Clinton, our supporters, and volunteers.

Remember coin flip-gate where people claimed Hillary won all the coin tosses? Turns out that wasn’t true. In fact, according to the official count, Sen. Sanders won more coin tosses than Hillary Clinton.

Or how about the “90 precincts” with no chairs? Also untrue. Certainly there were precincts that took a while to report but once they all did, it was clear Hillary had won.

Now the Sanders campaign is disputing the reported results that were sent in by everyday Iowans — volunteers, no less! — to the Democratic Party. All three campaigns have checked the results of certain precincts against their own data reported to them from volunteers. That’s normal.

For the Sanders campaign’s challenges, there are 7 total precincts they are questioning (out of a whopping total 1,681 precincts!) and the Iowa Democratic Party is checking the results on a few more.

And they will follow the same standard procedure for these questions as they did for precincts we asked them to look at — they’ll look at the numbers reported that night, check the math and figure out if there are any discrepancies or misallocation of delegates.

Here’s the kicker.

Even if the Sanders campaign were to win all of their challenges — the marginal bump they receive in support would not be enough to overcome Hillary Clinton’s win margin. Those are just the facts.

Here’s the math.

Total Precincts in Contest: 11 (7 from Sanders and 4 from the Iowa Democratic Party)
Total State Delegates being Contested: 1.7947 (not enough to change outcome)

If every contest were to go in the favor of Sanders:
HRC = -.775
Sanders = +.758
MOM = +.0166

It may be inconvenient for the Sanders campaign that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucus, but it’s the truth. In last night’s debate Senator Sanders himself even said this was being blown out of proportion. I hope he passes that message along to his staff.