Day 9

A brief note on friendship and family

Today I have decided to write a little on just some things that really struck a chord with me as I was confronted with these feelings today for my Aunty Karen’s funeral.

My Aunty had been battling with health issues for the past several years, to the point where she has been heavily constrained to the bed the last few years. During the service, her Son Philip, commented on how due to the ongoing struggles, he thought it would be easier to come to terms with the passing, however it really wasn’t. Then said something which is very true. To roughly paraphrase:

If times get tough in present time, it becomes difficult to remember the person as they once were. However, there comes a time when in hindsight, you remember all the endearing things about them, and the memories shared. These are the things you remember forever.

I think that this can be applied across all forms of friendship and relationships. Taking that extra time to be aware of these things, and be more mindful, is something that I feel we don’t do enough anymore. Take a moment to assess your current relationships and friendships. Or even the ones you once had, reminisce, and for those truly good memories maybe even reach back out and mention you are thinking about them.

Because I think that is the hardest thing about funerals for me. It is not so much my own personal memories and experiences. It is more the witnessing of the vast number of people personally touched, and the legacy left behind. All of them coming to pay their respects to someone who personally effected their life. Each and every one of them somehow have been left for the better due to stumbling across a chance friendship though whichever walk of life.

Take the time to tell someone important in your life what you appreciate, or are grateful for, because a lot of times they could be completely unaware the effect they have.

There are so many great stories and feelings that are shared at funerals, but its a shame that they are usually only shared in hindsight. We really only stop and become aware when we are forced to, once they become absent, and I think that’s why funerals are so sad.

Family and friends are so important in your life, but its also such a fragile string that connects us. Make sure that you hang on tightly to both, and just take the time to be mindful and grateful to tell them every now and again that you love someone and what they mean to you.

Anyway today has been a emotionally and physically tiring day,

Stay Classy