You won’t win us over

You won’t win us over when you’ll try to convince us that we need walls to solve problems. Or when you’ll try to scare us.

You won’t infect us with the germ of your ignorance. We’ll never be by your side, neither with your malicious reasonings nor with your shallow explanations. With your fears or your frontiers. You won’t win us over with your racist and boorish titles.

You won’t win us over despite the uncertainties.

You won’t win us over when you’ll want to convince us that we should distrust people just because they were born a few miles away. Your hate and your hypocrisies won’t be enough. You won’t win us over when you’ll tell us that it’s better alone, when you’ll try to divide us. When you’ll say “us” to make US feel part of the same group as you. You are and always will be our enemies, and it’s you that we don’t trust.

You won’t win us over despite the hard times and difficulties we have to face.

You won’t win us over when you’ll tell us that it’s time to be cynical and to think for ourselves first. When you’ll suggest we should be more like you. Keep our hopes down and change our habits. We won’t give away our freedom.

You will always try, you already tried. And even if you won a few battles, and you’ll win others, in the end we’ll win. Your poison will never break through our skin.

We’ve been in too many places, we heard too many different languages. We crossed too many paths and bumped into too many glances. We heard too many stories. You won’t make it, we’ll resist. Eyes and ears. Hearts and brains. Books, flights, memories and desires. These are our antibodies.

Each one of us tasted his piece of world. We want more. And we won’t let it be your call to decide either if and how we’ll do it.

This is my third blog post in English so I’m sorry— it’s not my first language— for any mistake or imprecision. I would appreciate hearing your suggestions, if you have them!

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