Germany Meets Massachusetts In Superior’s Brand-New “Earn It” Video

Watch the world premiere visuals off the producer’s new project “The Journey”

Marcos Oviedo — also known as hip-hop super-producer Superior — is putting all of his power, prowess and proficiency towards producing pyre records with a proclivity towards Golden Era pyrotechnics.

In February 2017, the Germany-based Superior released his newest project The Journey on the Netherlands-based record label Below System Records. Featuring an all-star lineup of legendary MC’s, The Journey is one of the most-efficient, most-concise and simply most-enjoyable hip-hop records released in recent memory.

Comprised of fifteen sparkling tracks (twelve on vinyl and three extra on the digital version), The Journey is headlined by new single “Earn It” — a boom-bap sonic landscape banger blessed with jewels from Boston, Massachusetts-based EMS teammates M-Dot and Revalation — and the accompanying video.

Filmed at EMS teammate Benefit’s house in Massachusetts, the video for “Earn It” is just another creative, authentic and downright fun visual project to be associated with the EMS crew. Understandably comfortable at their homie’s house, M-Dot and Revalation trade supreme verses while taking the viewer on a multi-floor, three-hundred-sixty degree tour of the property — all filmed in a Goodfellas-inspired single take.

Watch the world premiere for the video and check out what the artists had to say below the video link!

“Dope song featuring dope MCs of the EMS.”
— Superior

“When I wrote ‘Earn It’ I wanted to depict the journey and lifestyle of a seasoned veteran MC who has led a righteous path, garnered respect/co-signs/mid-level accolades… yet still deals with struggle/adversity. The constant battle remains and obstacles reemerge in the form of locked doors (above), expectant leeches (below) and the realization that a majority of artists attempt to bypass the hard-work/grind with buy-ins, payola and most pretentious: falsified IMAGE. Not fully portraying the gun-wielding, crack-baking bravado nor conversely really showcasing the hipster, skateboarding facade (for broad examples) leaves you in the tougher middle-ground. The road is that much longer but never being boxed into any genre and maintaining integrity make success that much sweeter — as it’s EARNED. My advice to any wannabe “rapper”: pay your dues not payola, be yourself not the latest trend and don’t expect it… EARN IT.”

— M-Dot

“ “Earn It” is really about how an artist should earn their stripes and never expect anything in this game. Nothing is handed to you so if you want something you have to go get it and when you do, don’t become complacent or satisfied. Keep reaching for the best you can be and raising the bar.”
— Revalation

The entire Journey project deserves to be heard by fans of hip-hop music and sharp-minded MC’s alike. Check out the links below to support The Journey and high-level hip-hop!

The Journey:




Below System Records:

Written By: Matteo Urella / April 2017


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