Creating Your Own World — How your actions shape your life and who you are

Many of us in the current modern world would rather stay in bed than face the day. It’s no surprise especially in the United States with the suicide rate being one of the highest in the “developed world” that many people are very unhappy. What is the cause of all of our misery and is there anything we can do to fix it . Fortunately there is because all it takes is a little willpower and a little belief in a subjective reality

What do I mean by a subjective reality? Looking at the world subjectively means that the world doesn’t actually exist in any form ; the world is solely shaped by your own actions and decisions and has virtually no objective basis. This is the most empowering thing you will discover about the world around you , it is virtually a blank canvas and you are the artist . You are free to live how you choose.

Of course this does have some exceptions . You can’t walk through walls or have superpowers. Some people such as those who practice Wicca might disagree but I will try to stay away from that topic as it is not the point I am trying to make. What I do strongly believe is that you have the power to create your own destiny and that your dreams are never off limits no matter how old or powerless you might feel.

The basis for a subjective world revolves around mathematics especially statistics . Statistics studies how objects are related to each other and gives the probability that something will occur. For instance Joe wakes up in the morning , gets on the bus , goes to work and goes home. Nothing new happened in Joe’s life and he expects this to go on forever. Joe feels powerless and a pawn to the higher powers in the world especially his corporate overlords.

This is where things start to get interesting . There are many paths that Joe can take throughout his day. He doesn’t have to get on the bus he doesn’t even have to go to work. He can quit his job and drive to Mexico if he chooses. All of these decisions perpetuate one another and create an endless web that has no beginning or end. If Joe decides to make one small decision that could escalate and send him on a path he never expected. This is the basis of The mathematics of Chaos Theory, yet it is only one part of our subjective reality that we are trying to establish .

Joe in his daily life could be said to be in a high potential state. Or a state of very high entropy . The chances of disorder that exist in Joe’s life could be said to be extremely high .This is because Joe tries to gain control of his life and follow a set path. Unfortunately this is not how the underlying objective universe (if one actually does exist operates). Because the universe from creation can never stop moving in order to give form to living beings, it must essentially dictate that it can never follow a completely straight path.

You may ask How does this give Joe power if he has no control over his life ? The right way to look at it is that Joe can never be truly said to be a slave to his universe. His boss can’t dictate everything that happens. Joe by chance might actually become boss someday because he is so good at following the rules, and sees the world through a more objective lens than I do . Joe could actually unintentionally benefit from his objective view of the world thus actually contradicting himself. The whole idea is that we are powerless in a universal sense, but that actually gives freedom to our daily lives from always following a straight path.

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