Why The Polls are Wrong and Hilary Clinton Will Never Become President

With the election less than a month away many pundits are already calling the election over. Even the speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that the house is up for grabs. I believe all of this is complete nonsense because it takes away focus from the real heart of what this campaign has been about. This entire campaign has been a race to the bottom with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump both attempting to paint the other as a villain unfit for office. In this scenario I believe Donald Trump will win hands down , because he has home field advantage , Hilary’s reputation already tarnished will only push people towards someone new , and the basic idea that the United States simply isn’t ready for a woman president. ‘

There is no doubt that in the United States we lack respect for women. The fact that Donald Trump has been able to get so close to the oval office is a testament to that . The storm that has been unleashed ever since the first Trump tape was released is similar to many other instances where women have come forward only later to be humiliated and discredited. There is a strong chance that this whole situation could be what finally puts Trump over the top . If any one of these women are proven to be untruthful it will be the end of all of them even though they are mostly genuinely victims , if not all of them. Like we saw with the Rolling Stone article about UVA , women have no incentive to come forward , and trying to receive accountability is very risky.

The idea that Hilary is now focusing on these personality flaws of Trump will be her ultimate downfall. Trump’s personality is what helped him win so many voters, and there is nothing that anyone could say that could change people’s opinion about him after such a long campaign season. He already said that he could walk up and shoot someone foreshadowing what is happening right now. He was absolutely correct , Trump is a privileged white man and he has the ability to get away with much more than Hilary ever could.

Not only is Trump invulnerable when it comes to personality, Hilary already comes with a host of flaws from her long career as a politician . Her lack of trustworthiness and unpopularity from voting for the Iraq war , and being involved with the Obama administration’s continuation of the Bush Era policies, only alienate the liberal voters ,who would like nothing more than to see a pig like Trump be defeated. Her ties to the big banks and enormous campaign contributions from corporations show that she will not be the progressive fighter this country needs.

Because of all these issues I believe Hilary Clinton will be defeated by Donald Trump. When Americans go to the polls they will have the choice between two candidates very similar , the only difference one of them is an independent voice who isn’t part of the status quo in Washington. If the recent elections are any indication with republicans having control of most offices in the country , and a choice between two conservative candidates people will choose the one who they believe will most likely bring change to the slow growth that we have seen over the recent years. The personality contest will only lead to the downfall of the Clinton campaign and if she has any chance of winning , she should stick to real issues like she did in the first debate.

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