2017 Goals

One of my main learnings from 2016 was to set fewer goals. Changing all areas of your life in major ways is extremely difficult and usually results in less growth overall (focusing on everything is a focus on nothing).

My three areas of focus will be: Relationships, Mental/Learning, and Health/Fitness.

The other areas (Faith/Spiritual, Financial, Career, Travel/Adventure) will have maintenance goals. Maintenance, however, doesn’t mean I won’t put focus/intentional effort on these goals.

Main 2017 goals.


  • I will go deeper in current relationships and focus on core 5 friends.
  • I will put more focus on dating :)
  • I will have a spirit of hospitality.

Mental and Learning

  • I will write more to distill my thoughts and internalize my learnings.
  • I will read from a select group of authors (like Jason Fried) and preeminent sources to learn and get better.
  • Establish small “advisory group” to challenge, teach, and guide me.


  • Eat more.
  • Hire personal trainer.

Other 2017 goals.


  • I will continue to be humble and zealous for the Lord.
  • I will continue to attend Community Group.
  • I will continue to attend Reality SF and their lectures.
  • I will continue to read the Bible (1 Chapter a day).
  • I will work to build more spiritual practices.


  • I will save 10% of my salary.
  • I will donate/give 10% of my salary (to my church — Reality SF, New Story, ACLU, and others to be determined).
  • I will invest 10% of my salary.


  • I will listen, read, and write to become a better, more supportive team member and leader.
  • I will continue to push my skills and do more work.


  • I will continue to be proactive in setting local and global adventures.
  • Hiking and camping will become even more of a focus.

Time to get to it!