“What are the things that people most often don’t notice about themselves?”

I moved back home a few months ago, and I was able to do that because my parents let me and were in a position to have me back home. I think my mum was secretly very pleased.

We started to argue. Not all the time, maybe not even every day… but enough that it was bothering me.

They kept telling me what to do, and they kept asking me about what I was doing all day, and they just kept… restricting me. I’d lived on my own for a year, and now I had to deal with this? It pissed me off.

I’d think “why are they being like this?”

Notice how many times I’ve said the word “they.”

They kept telling me what to do. They kept restricting me. Why are they being like this.

Is that what I’m going to do? Blame everything on them? Make my unhappiness their fault?

I was being deliberately provocative. I was taking any frustration out on them. I was pushing buttons I knew they didn’t want pushed.

I was contributing to all of this. In a big way. In a way I hadn’t noticed.

Maybe Tony Robbins said it best:

“Whatever happens, take responsibility.”

That’s how you notice things about yourself that you don’t usually notice.

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