Week 1: Overview, Your Professional Identity & How We Are the Same

Having passion in what you do.

So to continue from last trimesters piece of assessment, here I am blogging again. I’m glad this continued, I enjoy blogging.

This week’s topic will be a discussion about our identity within our respected avenues and how we are all essentially the same in our own little regard. Whether that be audio, film, games, design or web & mobile, we all share the same passion of creating some form of entertainment towards an audience.

Not Exactly Knowing What To Do.

As students, we also share a sense of panic (let’s be real) about our actual future in the industry. Whenever asked the question: “Oh so what do you want to do after you leave school?” for me is usually followed with: “Well my realistic goal is blah blah blah, but I really want to do blah. But for the meantime I’m blahing and blah.”

If you were actually wondering, my realistic goal is to be working as a cinematographer in an advertisement company. But every film student’s goal is to one day either produce or director or photograph a feature film.


Knowing what to do?

So for the meantime, I’ve found comfort in filming and editing weddings for clients. I see this as much of an open avenue for further progress up the industry ladder that I make of it. Also knowing that i’m proactively working as a free lance videographer has certainly given me confidence and learning opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily acquire in the walls of a classroom. So I have a sense of comfort; I can see an open road towards my dreams (which I find is very important).

As a creator, there should be a means of always growing & expanding your knowledge and experience. Although lucky enough to find comfort, of course I’m yet to actually know where I will be in five year for instance.

Having and keeping a love and passion for your field is the key to keeping confidence in yourself, and ultimately not panicking.

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