Week 2: Your Income & Your Art

Working for someone VS Working for yourself.

This week’s lecture was all about your income regarding your avenue of work and how you can get a grasp of it. Most of what I understood was whether or not you wanted to work for yourself or for someone else. Both have their benefits respectively. But for me I questioned myself on that. What do I want to end up doing?

With my own experience on being a free lance videographer/ cinematographer/ photographer, you seem to get more money working for yourself. This isn’t always a good thing, because it usually means a lot more work is to be put into the job. You need to be on site for countless hours, and then go home and edit for another countless amount of hours. But on the other hand, being an employee means company benefits such as health care, potential company car and accommodation for travelling and so on and so forth.

I feel as if being a successful freelance is the most ideal for me on a personal level. Having that sense of freedom and flexibility, knowing you can potentially take a holiday when you feel, and not worrying about what the boss needs you to do. When I say successful, I mean running a business that has multiple consistent and reliable clients, and having excellent relationship with them.

I found this article to be quite an interesting read on this topic.

Issues surrounding the issue.

Personally, I’m currently working for a good friend as a free lance wedding videographer. I couldn’t label myself as an employee, but when I work for him, I work under his business name, representing his business.

So in that regard if I was to branch off and create my own business and work under my own name, there would be a few social and ethical issues surrounding that. For one, my friend would feel almost cheated; the fact I went off and did my own thing. Therefore typical social conventions would raises issues of betrayal potentially. Now I’m not actually saying he would feel betrayed and not speak to me, but I’m sure if I was in his shoes and was happy with working with me, I would feel a level of that for sure.

Something I’ve really taken from this is that I would essentially be comfortable with either working for myself or for someone else. But having that conscious of knowing what the other side of the fence is important too.