Why I Have a New Focus for 2016

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

3 years after starting my consulting business, I finally realized I can’t do everything. The Salesforce platform, ecosystem, and customer base has grown so diverse!

So I looked for a niche. One that challenged me. One I can deliver. One that speaks to a larger goals.

I love being outside and supporting companies mindful of their environmental impact. From buying fair trade coffee at Wegmans to traceable wool sweaters from Patagonia.

As a Salesforce Technical Architect, that means wrangling a ton of data. Farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and buyers all need to trace environmental responsibility. That’s a mind-boggling amount of data moving between systems. That’s my organic bread and butter.

I’m launching productized consulting offers for Salesforce Supply Chain data integration. If that’s not your focus, please share my message onto a friend in supply chain. And don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing my general Salesforce best practices.

Salesforce Supply Chain Data Integration

You need complex supply chain data securely synced in Salesforce. Your data has millions of records, complex connections, and strict security. But your in-house team doesn’t have Salesforce data expertise. I design and deliver secure Salesforce supply chain data integration including:

  • Suppliers and Vendors
  • Food and Merchandise Products
  • Compliance and Safety Documents

Learn 3 Steps to Salesforce Supply Chain Integration

Complex Salesforce Supply Chain Projects

I’ve delivered over 30 complex Salesforce integration projects in the last 7 years. As 1 of only 90 worldwide Salesforce MVPs, I’ve solved these supply chain challenges:

  • Merged $120 billion in sales data to upsell across 4 Salesforce and AS/400 systems
  • Reduced IT costs by merging products, catalog images, and nutritional databases for a $2 billion food brand
  • Synced global compliance data between 20,000 retailers and suppliers

Onshore Salesforce MVP Expertise

Hi, I’m Matthew Botos and you’ll be working directly with me. Bringing deep Salesforce technical knowledge to your business is my focus. I’m 1 of only 90 worldwide Salesforce MVPs recognized for exceptional expertise. Your complex integration begins with a small, low-risk roadmap. I kickoff your project personally and deliver a correct and cost-efficient solution onshore.

Learn 3 Steps to Salesforce Supply Chain Integration