Hi, We’re Revere

And were reinventing nutrition for modern fitness

It’s 11:47pm and as we watch the clock tick down to midnight — and Launch Day — it’s a bit surreal to look around at the team still working tirelessly to prepare for the moment that we push go, and unveil Revere to the world. Getting here has been a wild journey, and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built. We hope you will love it. Let us tell you how we got here.

Revere was born out of a personal frustration that my co-founders and l have been living with for years. We, like most people our age (dare I say “millennials”), see exercise as an integral part of our daily lives…..not just for vanity purposes, but to stay balanced, healthy and grounded. The 45 minutes I spend jogging along Brooklyn Bridge Park with a running stroller every morning is my moment of solace and opportunity to prepare for the chaotic day ahead. Those nights that I can steal an hour for a hot yoga session are an opportunity to unwind and find a sense of calm. And we’re not alone. Exercise is now a daily ritual that millions of people participate in, invest in, and are deeply committed to.

But despite how much time and effort we invest into fitness, the connection between exercise and nutrition has always been confusing. What should you eat / drink before you exercise? Are carbs bad? What is that $15 kale juice actually doing for me? The more we spoke to our friends about our confusion here, the more we realized how ubiquitous this frustration was. Alex, in her role founding the national spin studio Cyc Fitness, heard questions about this connection nearly daily. We realized that there was an opportunity to fix this universal pain point through a better approach to nutrition.

Our mission is simple: to demystify the connection between fitness and nutrition, thereby making it simpler, easier and more convenient to build proper nutrition into your daily exercise routine so you can achieve the results you’re working so hard for.

We’re incredibly lucky to have some of the brightest minds in nutrition and human performance driving our product strategy. Through the combination of Mike Barwis’s unparalleled performance insight from decades of experience working with the world’s best athletes and our nutritional board’s knowledge of the principles of nutritional science, we’ve built products that you can not only trust to work, but that you can also feel good about putting into your body.

We’re deeply committed to transparency and integrity when it comes to our products and ingredients and we’ve taken a ingredient-forward approach to our product strategy. All of our products are built from simple, natural, whole-food ingredients (with the exception of a few basic minerals and vitamins). We are not claiming to have created a new potion with magical powers — rather, we’re making it easier for you to adopt the basic principles of whole-food nutrition that decades of research and intuition have proven to be effective in getting you better results.

But while we’ve had an adventure getting here, we’re just getting started, so we hope you’ll follow us after the big reveal.