2. The dreaded phone call…

So after 2 weeks of having needles stuck in me, ultrasound scans, biopsy’s and a Tru-Cut biopsy, I finally got the phone call that I had been waiting for.

I was out buying my lunch at co-op and my phone began to ring. I knew it was the hospital because each time they rang, the number had 999 on the end. My heart began to beat so fast. I borrowed Henry’s phone as I wanted to take some notes down because I knew I would never remember a word she said after I got off the phone. I could tell it wasn’t good news from her voice. She said; “We have your results back, and unfortunately we need to see you at our Haematology ward.” Thats all she needed to say and I knew that the results were bad. How could this ever happen to me I thought? And why? Why have I just all of a sudden got cancer?

I reluctantly walked up the stairs of the office and knew I was going to have to tell Becca who was working in the other room. I called her in and began to say, “the hospital have just rang” and then just burst into tears. She knew straight away that it wasn’t good.

After explaining what the hospital had just said and explaining that I had to go back into hospital the next day so they could tell me more details, we called Henry in to tell him the news.

I knew I needed to tell my brother too as I had promised my Mam that I would let him come down to leeds and come with me to the hospital as they were on holiday.

Me and Bec drove to Roundhay Park where I could tell him without feeling like a dick if I started crying. We decided it was best not to tell Mam and Dad that I had got the news and wait until the next day until we knew more details. I did not want them to come home from their holiday as there was nothing that they could do. So we kept it quiet.

I didn’t really know how to feel at this point. I was sort of just frozen. It hadn’t really sank in yet. I just wanted to stay happy and strong for Becca as her face just kept leaking (as she called it).

Adam and Jen came down that night and we planned to all go for some food and bowling to keep my mind off it. And everyone else's.

Me and Bec had a nice night with Adam, Jen, Jim and Sarah and it was just what the doctor ordered. Something to keep me busy and to keep the fact that I have cancer off my mind.

Plus, I beat Jim so that was the only thing that mattered to me ;)

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