Big Sam’s Demise, A Sackable Offence?

Sam Allardyce’s no-nonsense demeanour was a huge factor in his appointment as England manager. Once again England were being steered by a man who is quite unrefined and proud. However that attitude also lead to his resignation after the Daily Telegraph released footage of him talking flagrantly about circumventing rules on third-party ownership. Quite why agreed to have the meeting remains a mystery. I suspect it is the same reason why none of this debacle comes as much of a surprise, as it’s consistent with his character. His large ego and blatant greed bleed through when you hear him speak or observe his behaviour over the last 20 plus years. He fits the mould of a proper football man, but that term is becoming more and more synonymous with dodgy activities and antiquated opinions (see Ron Atkinson, Harry Redknapp and many others)

In spite of all that though, should that warrant him leaving his post? It’s not as cut and dry and it seems on first viewing. He wasn’t technically guilty of doing anything wrong in the video, and he did state he would have to run any possible actions by the FA before proceding. He can be grating to many, his comments about Roy Hodgson add proof to that, but that is what I think was key to the knives being out quicker, and I consider myself one of those people. A more genial man may have been given more time to explain themselves and could have saved their job, for Sam it was inevitable. Would a more experienced FA Chairman have pulled the trigger? It seemed like their minds were made up by the public vitriol.

All in all Sam Allardyce will shoulder all the blame and his reputation has been irreparably damaged, but questions still remain as to whether his actions justified the eventual outcome. I don’t necessarily believe the FA were left with no option, and personally he can feel hard done by to end up where he has.