Monday Monday

It’s Monday and all weekend all I’ve been doing is watching Youtube videos don’t why but just have been. I think it was trying to come up with an idea for Medium and even now I haven’t got anything.

I do love to procrastinate!!!

Originally I was going to write about how important time keeping is but I didn’t think that would go down well. So I’ve been told when the job club would be and thankfully it is on a wednesday and thankfully there is two different group in the morning or in the afternoon and we all know what time I went for…. Well off course I went for the afternoon time because I have an hospital appointment on the Wednesday in the morning. So I’m sitting here in my bedroom writing this before I go out for the evening for St.John Ambulance, okay I know I should be doing one of two things here;

  1. Finishing my room off ( Been moving my room around. )
  2. Job Searches — Okay there is still going to be time to do them.

Sitting on Apple TV is Race To Witch Mountain, Don’t have a clue why it is on maybe because I haven’t watched it in a while.

Why do people hate Mondays?

The question that has been on my mind for a while is why do people hate Mondays? The reason why it has been on my mind is I haven’t had a job and I know a few people who have a had jobs for a long time and all they do is moan about work either the time they start or people they work with. One person is he has to start at 4am everyday and works with someone who is lazy. All he does is moan about them. Here is me that thinks your lucky to have a job.

While I’m writing and thinking I should put this laptop on charge all I can hear is my hamster chewing on a chew toy or trying to get my attention. Me and her have this weird game I go near her is she is trying to get my attention she would run away, so I leave the cage open. I move away a little and she will come on to the door bit and wait for my hand to climb on to it.

Strange Hamster!

I have made some way in this room luckly for me my bed is not in here at the moment that thing takes way to much room up.

I really need a new chair for my desk or get a new piston. What to get?

I think that is all for now.